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Kodeac listens to your vision and develops stunning and engaging graphics to let your audience learn who you are and what you offer. To stand out of the crowd, you need communicating and interactive visuals in your application or website.

Logo and Graphic design also plays an important role in branding, they have the power to enhance your visual identity. We design logo, business cards, business stationery, print flex and vinyl boards, social media image posts, and signage.

Custom & Engaging Illustrations

Perfectly designed illustration speaks more than an image. We design graphics and illustration which interpret your thought and also help you to visually project your text-content.

We design engaging illustration which draws user’s attention and we put efforts to express your story with a graphic design.


Logo & Identity


Illustration & Icons


Animated Graphics

Take Your Brand Beyond Just a Name and a Logo

Logo & Identity

Though logo and identity are two different things, logo helps you to bring the corporate image and identification for your brand and we design your identity and we let you stand outstanding among your competitors.

Color & Type

Color creates a mood, so we carefully pick colors for your brand identity and graphic design. We influence your audience with the type of colors we use and helps to strengthen their relationship with your brand.

Illustration & Icons

We produce icons to generate a great user experience and, icons with engaging illustrations gives better results. Since these are of vectors, they don’t consume noticeable storage.

Motion & Video

We make videos which speak about your brand and it’s story, intros and outros for your videos, brand and logo revealing and more.

Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd?

How we do?

We define your brand’s identity by designing logo and business stationery. To attract and to give great user interface and experience, we follow three basic steps in our design.


Plan & Sketch

We understand your brand requirements, and we plan to bring out your unique concept and our design choice will always be a response to your input. We draw sketches to design a perfect skin on them.



We design all the elements inside a sketch we make sure that they work well together. We modify and optimize shape and size of the graphic or illustration.


Pulling Colors From Existing Brand & Identity

We choose colors very carefully because color speaks, so we choose colors that work well together and for graphic design we take those colors.

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