100 Crore Email and Passwords Leaked – Change your passwords now Collection #1

Update: After Collection 1, the Collections #2-5 data dump has made its way to the Interweb. Carrying unimaginable 2.2 billion usernames and associated passwords, the new data dump is claimed to include 845GB of stolen data, including as many as 25 billion records.

Stop anything you planned for today, this is very important.

You need to change all your passwords now.

There has been a huge data dump of nearly 1.1 billion passwords and emails, so let that sink in,  more than 110 Crore Email and passwords have been leaked. The leaked data is called “Collection #1”

First made public by security consultant Troy Hunt, the data dump comes from different sources – perhaps more than 2,000 sources – and amounts to 87GB of data in total.There is a pretty good chance that these emails are used for creating accounts at Facebook, Instagram, Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Paypal and nearly on any website.So we strongly urge to change your passwords now, and create a strong password, and remember never use a single password for all your accounts. To know whether your email and password have been breached or not in this data, visit https://haveibeenpwned.com/and enter your email id.

‘;–have i been pwned?

To check that your email and password are breached during these data breaches or not.  [Link]

Recommendations while creating/changing password:
While creating/changing password, don’t use any dictionary word or don’t use anything that can be pronounced, your name, mobile number, wife/husband name none of those are recommended. And please don’t use P@ssword as your password.A Strong password should have A upper case, lower case, a symbol, and a number. We recommend setting step authentication for all your online accounts, and create a strong password using this link.
Now go ahead and change your password now. 

Firekey: A Strong Password generator – Use Firekey to generate a strong password generator.  [Link ]

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  1. Faisal

    I need know that whare is this data i check this data personaly

    • Kodeac

      Hi Faisal you can check the data at ‘https://haveibeenpwned.com/’

      HaveIbeenPwned clearly mentions they do not save the user submitted data.

      If you want a services where you can check that personally we recommend using their API [ you can find more details here —> https://haveibeenpwned.com/API/v2 ] and build a service on top of their API.

      Hope it was helpful.


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